Why Legal Weight Enforcement ?

  • Excessive load violations both threaten the road and driving safety and shorten life of the roads and increase the maintenance and repair costs.
  • The free circulation of goods and services ensures growth of highway transportation; on the other hand, it continuously increases movement and load on the highway roads.
  • Ensuring that loads of the vehicles cruising on the roads are within legal limits is only possible by establishing a serious and well disciplined Legal Weigh Enforcement mechanism.

Tunaylar Commercial Weigh Stations

  • Weigh in motion without hindering traffic flow
  • Fast and accurate measurement at low and high speeds
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Life and road safety by controlling weight and dimensions
  • Long road life with minimum maintenance cost
  • Online legal document control

High Speed Weigh in Motion

High speed weigh in motion system system is generally used as pre-selection system for low speed WIM stations.

The system comprises the weight measurement sensors, loop detectors, VMS (variable message sign) and contol unit located into a cabinet placed beside the road.

Low Speed Weigh in Motion

Low speed weigh in motion are widely used in applications in which vehicle weights must be determined accurately such as road side control stations, customs transition points, vehicle inspection stations operated by public or private establishments and logistics industry.



Calibration & Services

Bu sitede yer alan her türlü yazılı ve görsel materyalin kullanım hakkı Tunaylar Baskül San ve Tic. A.Ş. 'ye aittir.